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One of the successful metalcores of the early 21st century is Avenged Sevenfold (abbreviated as A7X), an American heavy metal band from Huntington Beach, California. With their most popular song, "Dear God," Avenged Sevenfold—a metalcore band hailed as one of the finest bands of all time—has the largest fan following in Asia and Indonesia. Even though it came out in 2007, this song remains one of Avenged Sevenfold's best hits.

Avenged Sevenfold often goes on tours to promote their albums but haven't played a single show since 2018, and for the first time in 2023, they are making up for lost time. Following the recent announcement of their long-awaited new album "Life Is but a Dream...", they will start their 2024 tour in North America.

This year, Avenged Sevenfold WILL ONLY MAKE ONE STOP IN ASIA—IN INDONESIA and the band will return to greet their Indonesian fans for the first time in eight years. Promoted by Akselerasi Entertainment and Midas Promotions, Avenged Sevenfold will be performing in Jakarta at the Gelora Bung Karno Madya Stadium on Saturday, 25 May 2024.


Venue Map & Date

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Saturday, 25 May 2024
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Gelora Bung Karno
Madya Stadium, Jakarta

Tickets & Seating Plan

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Tickets will be available for purchase on
Thursday, 29 February 2024 - 2 PM (JAKARTA TIME)

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  1. E-Ticket can be accessed via Loket X App. Install Loket X App on App Store and Play Store. 1 (one)  ticket only valid for 1 (one)  person, for one time entry.
    E-Ticket dapat diakses via LoketX App. Install Loket X App di App Store dan Play Store. 1 (satu) tiket hanya berlaku untuk 1 (satu) orang dan satu kali entry.
  2. Booking Information will be sent to registered email by the Main Customer. Fill the complete data according to each identity of the ticket participants.
    Informasi pemesanan akan dikirimkan ke email yang terdaftar oleh pembeli utama. Isi kelengkapan data sesuai identitas masing-masing partisipan.
  3. The data form must be filled before the concert date to make sure you receive the QR code 2-3 days before the concert date.
    Form harus diisi sebelum hari konser untuk memastikan Anda menerima kode QR 2-3 hari sebelum konser.
  4.  Any question and troubleshoot about Loket X and ticket details contact [email protected] via e-mail.
    Segala pertanyaan dan kendala mengenai LoketX dan detail tiket hubungi [email protected] via e-mail.


*Information details was sent to registered email of the main customers

*Detail informasi dikirimkan ke email pemesan utama yang terdaftar




  1. You can access the QR Code on Loket X 2-3 days before the concert date, after you finish to fill the data.
    Kamu bisa mengakses kode QR pada Loket X 2-3 hari sebelum hari konser, setelah menyelesaikan pengisian data.
  2. Open the menu “My Ticket” on the app to access your E-ticket.
    Buka menu “Tiket Saya” pada aplikasi untuk mengakses E-ticket.
  3. QR code is only available from 2-3 days before the date.
    Kode QR baru tersedia 2-3 hari sebelum hari konser.
  4. QR code can be access offline, make sure you have access the QR code before come to the venue.
    Kode QR dapat diakses offline, pastikan kamu sudah mengakses kode QR sebelum ke venue.
  5. There will be no ticket exchange for this concert. After the QR code has verified, you will get the wristband to enter the area.
    Tidak ada penukaran tiket fisik untuk konser ini. Setelah kode QR diverifikasi, kamu akan mendapatkan wristband untuk memasuki area
  6. Any question and troubleshoot about Loket X and ticket details contact [email protected] via e-mail.
    Segala pertanyaan dan kendala mengenai LoketX dan detail tiket hubungi [email protected] via e-mail.




We provide special entry at the entrance gate for ticket holders with special needs (pregnant women, wheelchair users, disability, etc.)

Kami menyediakan jalur khusus di gerbang masuk untuk pemegang tiket dengan kebutuhan khusus (ibu hamil, pengguna kursi roda, disabilitas, dll.)


Visitors with special needs have to confirm via email to [email protected] or [email protected] with subject: Special Needs A7X before 21 May 2024. After the email confirmed, you have to attach the medical statement letter and visit the medic at the venue on the concert date.

Pengunjung dengan kebutuhan khusus harus konfirmasi melalui email [email protected] atau [email protected] dengan subjek: Special Needs A7X sebelum 21 Mei 2024. Setelah email terkonfirmasi, Anda perlu melampirkan surat keterangan medis dan mengunjungi medis di venue pada hari konser.


Terms & Conditions

● Tickets can only be purchased through www.A7XJAKARTA.com. Tickets are only for admission to the AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA” CONCERT.

Tiket hanya dapat dibeli melalui www.A7XJAKARTA.com. Tiket hanya dapat digunakan untuk masuk ke konser AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA”.

● It is a must to make your ticket purchase using a valid identity card. Please make sure your ticket is purchased using the valid and correct data (ID Card/KK/KTP/SIM/Passport). Your ticket cannot be altered and/or modified after purchase is made.

Pembelian tiket harus menggunakan kartu identitas yang valid. Pastikan pembelian tiket dilakukan dengan data yang valid dan benar (Kartu Identitas/KK/KTP/SIM/Paspor). Tiket tidak dapat diubah setelah pembelian.

● By purchasing the tickets to the AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA” concert, you agree to the collection, storage and limited use of your personal data for the purposes of the AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA” concert.

Dengan membeli tiket untuk konser AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA”, Anda setuju untuk pengumpulan, penyimpanan, dan penggunaan terbatas data pribadi Anda untuk keperluan konser tersebut.

● Ticket sales are limited to a maximum of 4 (four) per transaction. 1 (one) email address and 1 (one) phone number is limited to 1 (one) transaction.

Penjualan tiket dibatasi maksimal 4 (empat) per transaksi. 1 (satu) alamat email dan 1 (satu) nomor telepon hanya dapat digunakan untuk 1 (satu) transaksi.

● The seat number for all seated areas will be automatically assigned to you based on the best seat available on the system and will be sent to customer’s email D-7 prior to the show.

Nomor kursi untuk semua area duduk akan dipilih otomatis berdasarkan kursi terbaik yang tersedia dalam sistem dan akan dikirim melalui email pelanggan H-7 sebelum pertunjukan.

● Ticket price excludes government tax 15% and ticketing admin fee 5%.

Harga tiket tidak termasuk pajak pemerintah 15% dan biaya admin ticketing 5%.

● Your Ticket/s are sold by the Promoters directly to the consumer. Any tickets purchased by businesses or traders in breach of the Terms and Conditions of ticket sale and may be invalid. Tickets purchased from third-party websites and unauthorized resellers (such as Viagogo, StubHub, etc.) are at the sole risk and responsibility of the ticket purchaser.

Tiket Anda dijual langsung oleh Penyelenggara kepada konsumen. Tiket yang dibeli oleh bisnis atau pedagang yang melanggar Syarat dan Ketentuan penjualan tiket dapat menjadi tidak valid. Tiket yang dibeli dari situs web pihak ketiga dan reseller tidak sah (seperti Viagogo, StubHub, dll.) adalah risiko dan tanggung jawab tunggal pembeli tiket.

● All ticket sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges.

Semua penjualan tiket bersifat final, tidak ada pengembalian atau penukaran.

● In the event of a cancelled concert, tickets will be refunded in accordance with the provisions of the promoter. Please note that refund does not include ticketing admin fee, credit card convenience fee or any other personal costs (e.g. travel expenses, accommodation expenses, etc). The ticket buyer hereby agrees to release the legal claims through the courts or any means permitted by law to sue the promoter in the event of the cancellation of the concert by the artist or the government or other reasons beyond the capacity and will of the promoter.

Jika konser dibatalkan, tiket akan dikembalikan sesuai dengan ketentuan penyelenggara. Harap dicatat bahwa pengembalian tidak termasuk biaya admin tiket, biaya kenyamanan kartu kredit, atau biaya pribadi lainnya (misalnya, biaya perjalanan, biaya akomodasi, dll). Pembeli tiket dengan ini setuju untuk melepaskan klaim hukum melalui pengadilan atau segala cara yang diperbolehkan oleh hukum untuk menuntut penyelenggara dalam hal pembatalan konser oleh artis atau pemerintah atau alasan lain diluar kemampuan dan keinginan penyelenggara.

● The Ticket Holder grants the Organizer and Sponsors the right to use, in perpetuity, all or any part of the recording of any video and still footage made of the ticket holder’s appearance on any channels or magazine for broadcast in any and all media globally used for advertising, publicity and promotions relating thereto without any further approval of yours.

Pemegang Tiket memberikan hak kepada Penyelenggara dan Para Sponsor untuk menggunakan, selamanya, seluruh atau sebagian dari rekaman video dan gambar diam yang dibuat dari penampilan pemegang tiket di saluran apa pun atau majalah untuk disiarkan di media apapun di seluruh dunia yang digunakan untuk iklan, publisitas, dan promosi yang terkait tanpa persetujuan lebih lanjut dari Anda.

● Children under the age of 14 (fourteen) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Children under the age of 12 (twelve) are not allowed to attend the concert.

Anak-anak di bawah usia 14 (empat belas) tahun harus didampingi oleh orang tua atau wali yang sah. Anak-anak di bawah usia 12 (dua belas) tahun tidak diizinkan untuk menghadiri konser.

● The sponsors / band / organizer / management are not responsible for, including but not limited to any injury or damage that may occur during or at the event.

Para sponsor / artis / penyelenggara / manajemen tidak bertanggung jawab atas, termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada cedera atau kerusakan yang mungkin terjadi selama atau pada acara tersebut.

● The following items are not permitted in the event and may be ejected with or without the owner from the venue area:

Barang-barang berikut tidak diizinkan dalam acara dan akan dikeluarkan dengan atau tanpa pemilik dari area acara tersebut:

○ Non-authorized professional recording equipment (professional cameras, video recording devices, and audio recording devices, including ‘GoPro’ style devices and tablets), for unauthorized people/journalist without accredited badge;

Alat perekam profesional yang tidak memiliki izin (kamera profesional, alat perekam video dan alat perekam suara, termasuk perangkat sejenis GoPro dan tablet) untuk pihak yang tidak resmi / wartawan yang tidak sah tanpa ID khusus dari Penyelenggara;

○ Cigarettes must be in their original sealed packaging, with only one pack allowed, and unsealed cigarettes are not permitted;

Rokok yang tidak tersegel dan diperbolehkan maksimal membawa satu bungkus rokok tersegel;

○ Liquid vape and line of heated tobacco and electronic cigarette products;

Liquid vape dan batang tembakau rokok elektrik;

○ Liquids, alcohol and banned substances including outside food and drink;

Cairan, alkohol, dan barang-barang terlarang lainnya termasuk makanan dan minuman;

○ Pyrotechnic items or explosives including fireworks, candles, lighters;

Benda piroteknik atau benda yang bersifat eksplosif termasuk kembang api, lilin atau korek api;

○ Flammable material including alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, pressurized cologne;

Bahan mudah terbakar termasuk alkohol, bensin, minyak tanah, cologne;

○ Dangerous or potentially hazardous objects, including but not limited to sports items, weapons, knives, guns, laser devices, iron bar, wooden bar, sharp object or material, helmets, metal/plastic knuckles, self-defense spray (tear, pepper-spray), stun guns, or any electric shock devices;

Benda berbahaya atau berpotensi berbahaya termasuk namun tidak terbatas pada alat olahraga, senjata, pisau, senjata api, perangkat laser, bar besi, bilah kayu, benda atau bahan tajam, helm, keling besi/plastic, semprotan pertahan diri (gas air mata, semprotan merica), senjata kejut listrik atau perangkat sengatan listrik lainnya;

○ Any suspicious casual objects which can be used as a weapon or projectile including tools, chemicals, suspicious powder, umbrellas, selfie sticks, and other poles or tripods;

Benda-benda kasual yang mencurigakan yang bisa dijadikan senjata atau proyektil termasuk peralatan, bahan kimia, bubuk mencurigakan, payung, tongkat swafoto dan jenis-jenis tiang atau tripod lainnya;

○ All luggage, backpacks, tote bags, and other bags that exceed 40cm x 40cm;

Semua koper, tas ransel, tas jinjing, dan tas sejenis lainnya yang melebihi ukuran 40cm x 40 xm;

○ Banners, flags, posters, and other that are larger than A4.

Banner, bendera, poster, dan sejenisnya yang berukuran lebih dari A4.

● Tribune ticket holders will get the best available seats automatically, this allows you not to be in the same row with ticket buyers in your group.

Pembeli tiket tribun akan mendapatkan tempat duduk terbaik yang tersedia secara otomatis, ini memungkinkan Anda tidak berada dalam baris yang sama dengan pembeli tiket dalam kelompok Anda.

● By purchasing tickets to the AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA” concert, Ticket Buyers and Ticket Holders agree to comply with all the Terms & Conditions of the event

Dengan membeli tiket untuk konser AVENGED SEVENFOLD LIVE IN JAKARTA 2024 “THE ONLY STOP IN ASIA”, Pembeli Tiket dan Pemegang Tiket setuju untuk mematuhi semua Syarat & Ketentuan acara.

● You will be given your wristband after you exchange your tickets. Please be sure you keep your wristband safe and unused until the concert starts. As the wristband has been distributed to you, it will no longer be the promoter’s responsibilities.

Anda akan diberikan gelang tangan setelah Anda menukarkan tiket Anda. Pastikan Anda menjaga gelang tangan Anda dengan baik dan tidak terpakai hingga konser dimulai. Setelah gelang tangan diberikan kepada Anda, tidak akan menjadi tanggung jawab penyelenggara.


● Customer Service
Email : [email protected]

● Partnership and Sponsorship
Email : [email protected]

About Promoter

Akselerasi Logo Image

Akselerasi Entertainment was established in 2014 as a concert and creative festival promoter, creative agency, and social movement creator.

Akselerasi Ent is the creator of Indonesia's biggest 90's era annual music festival, The 90's Festival. The 90s Festival is a nostalgic event for the 90s generation to reminisce about the music, vibes, games, and everything from the 90s decade. Besides The 90's Festival, Akselerasi Ent has another annual nostalgic music festival called Everblast Festival with a playback concept to promote and treat the longing for 2000s music. Likewise, Akselerasi Entertainment actively manages international artists' solo tours, such as Cigarettes After Sex Live in Jakarta 2023 and Arctic Monkeys Asia Tour 2023 (for the first time came to Indonesia).

Furthermore, Akselerasi Entertainment is experienced and active in creating several creative events, activations, campaigns, and social movements with various partners such as the government, brands, and communities.

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